4-5 year old female Spanish Greyhound available for adoption

Blair is a 4-5 year old female Spanish Greyhound. She is a beautiful Spanish Greyhound, just under 5 years old who lived a very harsh life before Galgos en Familia thankfully saved her. To begin with she was so cautious of people but with time and gentleness, began to build the foundations of trust.

Blair is now in a lovely foster home and again is building trust and gaining confidence. She really loves to snuggle up with her foster mum now. She can be nervous meeting new dogs, but with support and reassurance, she can make friends. She does love to play with her foster fur sibling, but is also happy to chill out with her foster family. Her progress is amazing and her foster family are so proud of her.

If homed as an only dog, she will need her family to be around a lot, at least to begin with and they will need to take things slowly with her. But once she trusts you, wow! She will give her heart, which is a most precious gift. Blair is cat friendly!

In foster in Middleton on Sea.

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