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It’s that time of year! Back to school season is upon us. I’m not sure when everyone else starts school but my kids go back in less than 3 weeks! Charlotte is starting her first year of MDO (Mothers Day Out) and will go 3 days a week. Liam is in his final year of preschool and goes 5 days a week. Going into my 4th school year as a parent I like to think I am familiar with the ways to make back to school less stressful. So I hope for those of you going through this for the first time this is helpful!

ways to make back to school less stressful

7 Ways To Make Back To School Less Stressful

  1. Prepare your kids: One of my favorite ways to prepare my kids is by reading back to school books. The book, Bye Bye Time is great for really young kids Charlotte’s age. It’s easy to understand. One of my favorites for kids Liam’s age is Daniel Tiger Goes To School. Both of these really get kids understanding what to expect and that grownups always come up! We also drive past the school and remind them thats where they go to school. Having back to school play dates with friends in their class is another great way to prepare them!
  2. Label all the things: My kids’ school asks that we label everything and honestly it’s a great habit to get into. I can’t tell you how many times Liam has left his water bottle, sweatshirt, jacket, etc at school and having things labeled makes it easy for the teachers to know what belongs to who! These are the labels we use.
  3. Make sure you are on the same page with school: As far as dropping off, picking up, what the kids need to have at school, etc. I am so glad our school communicates everything so well. If you don’t know reach out and ask!
  4. Order things ahead of time: Make sure you have enough lead time! If something is personalized like a nap mat, backpack etc you definitely want to give the shop enough time to personalize!
  5. Make a list of fun lunch ideas: I really try to mix things up with lunch. One way I do that is by using these sandwich cutters and veggie cutters. They really make lunch a little more fun! Also try to have a list that you can pick from. I keep a list of proteins, carbs, fruits, and veggies, and try to give different combos so the kids don’t get bored!
  6. Get organized the night before: I like to make lunches the night before, have water bottles filled, backpacks ready, and clothes laid out. It makes mornings 1000 times easier and less stressful for everyone.
  7. Make it special: I like doing a few special things the first day and week of school. Of course we always take a first day of school picture, their school also always has some fun backdrops to take pictures on as well. We love to do a back to school treat too, sometimes I’ll get special cookies, and this year we plan to take the kids for ice cream. Something simple just to make it fun!

What are some ways to make back to school less stressful for you?

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