All Natural and Chemical Free Way to Fight Germs

Our society is hygiene crazy especially in the last year and a half!

There’s definitely a case for washing hands.

And many people take it overboard too, to their own detriment.

The FDA has a long list of hand sanitizers you should NOT use because they’re dangerous to your health. (And I trust the FDA for properly regulating things that are good or bad for health about as far as I can trust them.)

Then there’s the hygiene hypothesis that says being too hygienic may be something that is leading to greater allergies, autoimmunity, etc. as our immune systems aren’t being trained in the natural world.

This all leads to an important question…

What is the natural way to be hygienic?


Long before we had hand sanitizer, long before people even bathed regularly, copper was used for its antimicrobial properties.

This isn’t just ancient wisdom but has been proven out by modern science as well (as so much ancient wisdom eventually is).

I recently connected with Stay Well Copper who makes a line of products designed for your cell phone, key chain and more that make it easy to utilize the natural yet powerful benefits of copper.

It’s a great one time buy that never needs to be refilled.

Find out more here.

P.S. The above contains affiliate links for which Lost Empire Herbs will earn a small commission if you choose to buy. Just know that I wouldn’t recommend it to you, if I wasn’t actually using the product and actually endorse it.

P.S.S. No you can’t just use pennies. They’re made of zinc, not copper.

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