Book News! All the Mischief I Never Did and Other True Tails Available Now

Rooo it’s Alfie here behind the keyboard. Over the last few months, I’ve seen my youngest human grow more and more opinionated – he’s approaching the two-year mark, and I can tell he’s trying to train the older humans a little more every day. I know he’s been listening to my puppy tails because he’s already got them both wrapped around his little paw, AND he’s using some of my old tricks.

Hiding toys behind the sofa and make them retrieve it? Check!

Using the puppy eye look to be picked up? Check! He’s using a slightly more advanced technique to get his way than I did though (after all he can speak), but the basis is the same: Training the humans takes practice, and you have to work on it every day.

Introducing my book

I thought it might be useful for him to have a collection of my early human training at hand as he grows up and so I decided to collect all my puppy stories, tips and human training advice from my early days of blogging into a book. I’m calling it ‘All the Mischief I Never Did and Other True Tails‘, and I think you might enjoy the read too.

My older human has mentioned that some of the chapters might be more suitable as he approaches his teenage years as it relates to my helping a human give up smoking, and that one time when I got a crash course about the birds and the bees in the park when an older dog humped me. But nonetheless, there are some pawsome life lessons in there for pups of all ages *waggy tail*.

My human has helped me publish it in paperback, Kindle and e-book formats and it’s available at your favourite online bookstore today. You can use this link to find the book at your local Amazon store, and here’s a link to all other stores.


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