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The most common ways that an influencer can help your non-profit are:

Increased credibility. It’s your job as a non-profit organization to gain the trust and support of patrons. However, this can be difficult when first starting out. Luckily, influencers have a lot of power because of the special bonds they form with their followers. When you pair with a popular influencer, you’ll immediately pique the interest of their followers as well. This helps you achieve more testimonials and proof of credibility from a larger following.

Name association. Working with benefactors becomes a lot easier when they know who you are. Collaborating with popular influencers ensures that your non-profit is at the forefront of the public’s mind. Interested parties can confirm the collaboration with a quick search of your non-profit. With your name associated with certain influencers, you’re sure to stand out.

A personal touch. There’s nothing patrons like more than having someone to truly connect with. Working with an engaging influencer puts a friendly face to your organization. Even influencers with small followings can make an impact if they have friendly personalities. Choose someone who has similar values to your mission so you can both feel good about their support.

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