Influencer vs. Content Creator: What’s the Difference?

Some people use the terms synonymously, but creators and influencers are not necessarily the same thing. Both influencers and content creators partner with brands, but they produce very different marketing results.

Let’s take a look at how a brand might partner with content creators and influencers for the same campaign.

Brand A wants to generate interest in a new product they plan to launch. They hire a team of content creators to write product descriptions, create an infographic highlighting the benefits of the products, and develop a series of social media posts. All of this content goes on the brand’s website as well as its social media accounts.

The brand has the right to use this content however they see fit, but it may not be enough to generate the levels of interest they want. That’s when the brand may turn to influencers.

The influencer may share a selfie of them posing with the product or post a video of them using the product on Instagram Reels. Ideally, the influencer’s followers then try out the product for themselves or start checking out the brand and what it offers.

Understanding the key differences between influencers and content creators gives brands and marketing directors important knowledge for building a team to work on their campaigns. They are able to choose the people with the right skillset and expertise to expand their reach and generate interest.

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