Sarah Ashcroft – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

You don’t often see a travel influencer more often. But Sarah Ashcroft is one of those who loves traveling the world and also likes to create content for her journey. She enjoys massive popularity on social media platforms over the past few years.

Recently, Sarah traveled to Mauritius with a famous group, “We Are Komodo.” Her destination list seems no stopping because she has visited a lot of beautiful places. In early 2018, she visited Australia with Bondi Sands.

Sarah also has a history of traveling to Jamaica, Angeles, Los, and New York. Besides a travel influencer, she is also a vlogger. Sarah makes her traveling videos and posts them to her social media platforms, where Sarah has massive stardom.

Her passion is not just traveling, but she also loves fashion. Often, Sarah shares her glamorous styles and outfits with her followers. Besides being a travel influencer, she has been an influential force in the fashion industry as well.

She is a famous social media influencer due to her informative and innovative YouTube vlogs. Her content doesn’t just focus on a single topic, but she covers multiple issues in a single YouTube channel.

Sarah is one of the biggest names in the lifestyle, fashion, and travel world. She has collaborated with several different brands. Sarah has a massive fan following across all social media platforms.

Whether it is Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, she is a triumphant story and an icon to remember. Despite her brilliant success, Sarah is down to earth kind of girl. She passionately shares her life stories with followers on Instagram.

Sarah’s travel diaries, beautiful snaps, and fashion tips have impressed her followers. She advises her followers to work hard in life. If you want to take further inspiration from her, you can follow her at @sarahhashcroft / Instagram.

Sarah Ashcroft Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers: 954k+
  • YouTube Subscribers: 162k+
  • Twitter Followers: 49k

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