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Morning or afternoon, this delicious latte rises to any occasion!


Whether you’re cutting back on caffeine or looking for a warming treat to satisfy a sweet craving, this Hair Food latte hits the spot. While we love consuming Hair Food as a refreshing smoothie with coconut water or nut milk, sometimes the day simply calls for a warm version of this hair-nourishing super-drink.



Hair Food Latte

What you’ll need: 

  • 1 serving of Hair Food
  • 200ml Almond or Soy milk (or milk/mylk of choice)
  • 40ml warm water


– Add 1 serving of Hair Food into a mug or latte glass

– Stir in 40ml warm water to make a paste and remove any lumps

– Heat and foam milk using electric milk frother (see below for some tips)

– Pour warmed milk into the mug over the Hair Food mixture, stirring continuously


–  From electric milk frothers and frothing wands to the steam wand of an espresso machine, milk can be heated and frothed by multiple means. We love this unusual option shared by one of our Apotecari team;  warm the milk in a small (1 cup) French Press glass jug and, using the plunger, vigorously move it up and down to aerate and expand the milk to obtain a lovely creamy foam.



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