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Rooo, it’s Alfie here behind the keyboard. My humans went on holiday for a week and left me behind with dog sitters. That’s alright, I don’t like going on an airplane anyway and the dogsitters were pawsome and spoiled me rotten. But of course I was looking forward to sniffing my real humans again, so when they showed up I wagged my tail a little extra and roo’d loudly to let them know I’d missed them.

But what did they do?

They left again, before they’d even given me dinner!

Said they were going to the supermarket and be back soon. Of course I didn’t believe them and started sniffing around their bags and suitcases for a suitable snack. I found the youngest human’s bag and started gnawing through the fabric to find several boxes of delicious sweet raisins inside. I’d just chewed my way through four packets when the humans came back, saw what I was doing and rushed me to the vets. The vet made me throw up, and then I spent the rest of the night feeling miserable, and a little drunk.

The humans cuddled me a little extra that evening and told me I’m a silly old pup who never grows up. But I didn’t care, at least my whole family pack was together again – and they did eventually give me dinner *waggy tail*.

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