Top 25 Best Dog Blogs

Top 25 Best Dog Blogs

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There are a lot of websites on dogs. As a fellow website that supplies information on feeding dogs and other information regarding pups, we know this more than anyone. Therefore, to give our readers a bit more perspective on the various dog blogs out there, we provide a list below. A lot of these resources are great because they may have information not mentioned here. It is always best to cross reference between many websites to get the most out of learning.


This blog is an ultimate blog for dog lovers. It talks about different tips and tricks to handle puppies. Furthermore, it helps you to understand your puppy’s psychology. It also teaches you how to handle their mood and train them. For example, there is a post on how to relieve your dog’s boredom. This, as a result, serves as different ways to understand your pet more.


This is a blog that gives information on dogs, ways of entertaining them and reviews of different dog products. This is a page where real passionate dog lovers should go, as there is a wide discussion about canines. Therefore, by knowing more, the closer you get to understanding your pet.


This blog is an ultimate learning place for your dog’s health. It helps give you a solution for many health issues. Therefore, through this page, you can understand how to judge your dog’s health, while also learning about home remedies to keep the diseases away.

ultra modern pet

Ultra Modern Pet is the world’s top modern dog store. Its blog has everything you need to know about raising your four-legged friend in the modern world; from information on dog breeds, health, exercise, to the newest products and furniture, and more.


This might be America’s most significant non-profit adoption site for cats and dogs. Not only does it give information on thousands of private and open public pets shelters, it also provides talks about important matters for taking care of a pet. Therefore, this place is best for any owner that wants to adopt a pet.  

The Bark Magazine is an award-winning blog which talks about canine culture. It is an essential rulebook for any dog owner. They discuss dog news, post funny posts regarding dogs, and share amazing activities. As a result, this can help motivate you to be a more active owner.


This blog will give you information about different kinds of dog’s food, dog’s toys, and accessories. Furthermore, it will help give you a positive outlook on training. Some owners dread this part of owning a dog since it requires a lot of time and effort. However, this website lays it out easy for owners to follow.


This blog has a collection of dog’s clothing, beds, toys & gear, training, wellness, dog rescue, DIYs, recipes and lots more. It serves as a ‘lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions.’ Moreover, there is a lot of information that can help you treat your pet better.


If you love Frenchies this is you should defiantly stop by this blog. This awesome site is the hub for all French bulldog related dog topics you can think of. Two French Bulldogs Blog is definitely a great spot on the list.


This blog is quite interesting since it is where people share interesting stories of their pets. As the name of the website implies, it is all about shaming one another’s dogs. For that reason, this builds a funny community of rants.


This is a modern blog with various elements. Not only is there a discussion related to dog games, styling, clothes, and modern accessories, there is also a ton of information on canines. As a result, many pets can get a lot of information on these pets.


This blog is one of the most resourceful websites discussing handicapped dogs. It helps people learn more about what they could do for any hound that fits into this category, as well as tips on raising senior canines and disabled cats


The blog has various products to train your dog. It helps owners to make better relationships with their pooch. Furthermore, the website teaches your dog’s different things, from how to deal with fear and many other interesting facts.


This is a personalized blog which provides information on dog collars, training tools, toys, treats, and many other accessories. It has other dog-related information from training and care.


This blog has a purpose to shape dog performance by reinforcing and encouraging rustic adventure. They encourage outdoor games more than indoor. It is a great website for people to get information on how to increase their dog’s overall physical health.


This blog provides owners with information, tips and natural remedies for different animal care. Therefore, it is a great resource for pets to know more about how to help cure their pets of certain ailments.


This blog provides information on amazing luxury pet accessories. They also provide a different kind of gadgets, remedies, supplements etc. Furthermore, it is a great place to learn how to spoil your pet if need be.


This website is about a celebrity dog named Crusoe. This blog talks about the Dachshund’s lifestyle, style, experiences, adventures and many more. More than anything, it is worth giving other pets and owners a look into some ways you can take care of the pet.


This is a style magazine which informs and educates owners on dog health issues. There is an option for other users to answer any queries related to dog health, style, care, training and much more. Therefore, it is a great place to build a community.


This is a personal blog which discusses two Newfoundland dogs named Sherman and Leroy. She talks about different dog issues from her experience. It may be great for any owner with Newfoundland hounds. Even if that is not the case, it is great to listen to her stories.


This is an amazing blog for a website that aims to support blind dogs with different mobilizing gadgets. The blog itself offers information on how to train their blind dogs, as well as their owners. Therefore, any owner with a disabled pet should come here.



Carma Poodale is a really cool place not only for Poodale lovers but for all pet caregivers from around the globe. The site offers a wide range of topics like pet care, advice and a cool section on “products that are Poodale Approved



The blog offers reviews and buyers guides for dog’s toys, bedding, training aids and much more Furthermore, they review a number of dog insurance companies based in the UK.

This is a great blog for reviews that help arrange getaways for dog lovers. In addition, it is a great place to gather more in-depth information and insights into different dog breeds. This website will definitely help any owner learn and understand everything they can about their breed.



The Canine Chef Cookbook

This website is all about family dog resting, nutrition, and good daycare. As you might have seen, this place focuses on showing correct nutrition for dogs. Furthermore, it has a lot of useful information that will help any new dog owner with travelling with their pet or taking care of it.


This website is great for sharing experiences. It is a forum for you to read and learn more about similar dog owners. Furthermore, it is a place for you to find out information about how to take care of your pet from other pet owners.


This blog is a behavior training university for dogs. They train dogs so that they listen to you. Furthermore, it helps to inform owners on best practices for training your pet. It also is a great resource for learning how to teach your dog tricks.  

Final Thoughts

Dogs are no different than children. You should want to do the best for your pup, just as you would a real child. Whether it’s taking care of its physical well-being or its mental health through love and attention, you need to care for it the best way possible. To do so, you should, therefore, refer to some of the websites above. The websites can help you get information that will help strengthen your knowledge for taking care of pets.


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