You Can Declutter So Much Crap With These 40 Genius Things

Let’s face the facts: There’s no better feeling on this planet than stepping into a freshly cleaned space with a candle burning somewhere in the background while all your belongings are exactly where they’re supposed to be (you know, for the most part). The laundry that you’d typically roll into a pile has been neatly stowed away in your fancy new drawer divider, and your makeup is sitting pretty in your new rotating organizer. You’re at the top of your game, if I’m being honest.

The truth of the matter is that life gets busy — and with the hustle of a regular workweek, taking the time to reorganize your place can almost seem like a luxury. Instead of saving the bulk of it for spring cleaning, these finds will help you tackle each bit of your home with the click of a button (and some seriously quick assembly). Whether it’s organizing your teabags by way of flavor or stacking your hefty pans with a rack that will quite literally ensure you’ll never have to hear clanking in your household again, there is a hack for every part of your home that could use some tidying up.

You’re just an online order away from these brilliant Amazon products taking your sink cabinet and shower situation to otherworldly levels of put-together. Oh and from now on, your closet is about to have significantly more room for new shoes.


A Clutter-Eliminating Organizer For Hanging The Delicates

This ultra-durable steel closet organizer is game-changing if you own a healthy amount of camisoles (ahem, hi) and are running out of space to hang them. Ideal for storing bras, face masks, and tanks, this organizer increases storage by 800% and can even be used as a handy drying rack.


The Nonslip Water Bottle Organizer That’ll Keep Your Tumblers From Toppling

At last, busy mornings spent shuffling through cluttered cabinets will become a dim memory with this nonslip water bottle organizer. Designed with sturdy wires and three snap-in shelves, this BPA-free space saver will keep your prized bottles from drifting into the land of the lost tumblers (aka the cup cabinet).


A Miracle Organizer For Under-The-Sink Storage

An organizer for under the sink?! This is the storage tool I didn’t know I needed until now. With an adjustable design to fit around your plumbing and a strong build that can hold up to 40 pounds, this organizer will keep your dish soaps and cleaning sprays from tumbling over every time you open your cabinet. Dare you to name something cooler.


The Shirt Folder You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

You read that right: It’s a shirt folder. Divide and conquer your piles of tees with these innovative separators that are thin enough to allow easy access, but sturdy enough to keep your clothes in place and looking in tip-top shape. They’re also dual-purpose, so you can use them to get your paperwork in order. A concept that’s truly everything in one.


A Space-Saving Hanger That Stores Clothes Vertically Or Horizontally

Not only does this space-saving hanger holder help keep your clothes from slipping, but it can support up to five garments either side-by-side or layered vertically. The best part is its super smooth edges, so you spend zero time worrying about whether your go-to button-down will get snagged. A practical gem.


This Sturdy Holding Rack For Your Favorite Cleaning Tools

Mount your brooms, dustpans, and mops with this seriously strong tool holder that guarantees your supplies won’t slip. This organizer can hold up to 35 pounds and is weatherproof, so you can use it for garden tools without worrying about wear and tear.


A Life-Changing Organizer For Your Food Container Lids

Long gone are the days of having to foil-wrap your to-go lunch because your lids are MIA, since this organizer made specifically for lids is here to shake things up. Adjustable and easy to fit in your cabinets, this revolutionary storage gadget keeps your lids neat and ready for no-scramble mornings.


A Super Strong 5-Tier Pan Rack That Holds Up To 50 Pounds

Say goodbye to the clanking of stacked pans because this pan rack has changed everything. Made to hold up to 50 pounds and compatible with skillets and pots alike, this hefty holder will support your cookware while still allowing easy access. The best part (aside from the obvious) is that it comes in different colors, so you can personalize it to your liking. Who would’ve thought?


This Neat, Layered Tray That Creates More Room In Your Utensil Drawer

Cut the time you spend searching for a spoon — and the noise that comes with it — in half with this compact utensil tray that fits ever-so-smoothly in your kitchen drawer. The utensils easily slide into their compartments and can be identified with the cutest icons, making this 24-piece organizer the stuff of dreams.


These Durable Shelf Dividers That Keep Your Closet Looking Like A Department Store

If you’ve ever wanted your closet to look department store-pristine, these solid shelf dividers are pretty much key. Available in true-to-color platinum and bronze, these 12-inch spacers keep your linens separated from your sweaters and look stylish while doing so. Just slide over your shelf, adjust until it feels secure, and channel your inner Marie Kondo.


A Car Seat Gap Organizer To Catch Your Coffee Change

Seriously the most genius invention in the history of ever (in my opinion), this car seat gap storage pocket will be there to catch your change, drive-thru receipts, hand sanitizer, and just about anything else that needs a home in your car without causing extra mess. Incredibly sleek and designed for simple installation, all you have to do is set it between the seats and center console — and voila!


A Tidy, Multi-Cell Drawer Organizer For The Intimates

Find your lingerie in no time with this drawer organizer made specifically for the more intimate items of your wardrobe (and socks). Designed with multiple cells within each of the four bins, this divider will be simple to select from.


This Surge Protector That Can Charge Pretty Much All Your Gadgets At Once

Not only does this surge protector have six outlets, but it also houses two USB ports for additional charging capabilities. Protecting your plug-ins and charging your tech at a substantial speed? Yup — there’s nothing better than this single online find that does the work of many. No more having to rank which devices have the lowest juice to see who gets to charge first.


These Cable Clips That Hold Your Cords In Place On Your Desk

These tiny cable clips will help maintain tidiness wherever you have wires. A single pack comes with 16 clip holders, so you can freely stick their adhesive lining to any surface you fancy and watch the magic happen. Plus, this bestselling pack has over 29,000 five-star ratings.


A Stackable Can Rack That Can Hold Up To 36 Cans

Stop your cans from rolling Chef Boyardee-style with this can rack that can hold up to 36 cans or jars. With effortless assembly and a strong base overall, this storage rack has received raving reviews from customers and has a spot on Amazon’s Choice list for its stackable ease.


This Under-Shelf Basket So You Can Seriously Maximize Storage

There are shelves and then there are under shelves — where hanging baskets like these can thrive by providing extra storage space with a simple slide-on. Store your napkins and plastic utensils in these handy shelf attachments and never have to worry about stacking extra necessities on top of your cereal boxes again. They come in two shades: white or bronze.


These Large Storage Bags With Windows So You Can See Inside Them

So many people have those larger-than-life items in their closets that have kind of been accepted as impossible to put out of sight, but this large-capacity storage bag is about to change that. Capable of holding everything from the thickest of comforters to the heaviest of winter coats, this clear-window bag with handles will instantly free your closet of extra fluffy fabrics and give them a neat home.


These S-Shaped Pant Hangers For Premium Legging Storage

When you’ve got a lot of pants and leggings, the last thing you want to do is wear down their shape by stuffing them into a drawer. Enter: the S-shaped pant hanger that will keep your garments smooth while saving tons of space. It’s also super versatile, so you can hang anything from towels to ties and you’ll be good to go.


This Bedside Caddy To Hold All Of Your Must-Haves

For those times when you’ve finally found the comfiest position in bed but then realized you have to get up to grab the remote, this bedside storage caddy is here to save the day. Simply store your phone, remotes, reading glasses, and books in this Oxford cloth storage sleeve and immediately reap the benefits. This gem also includes two cloth pockets and four mesh pockets for plenty of storage once installed.


An Adjustable Shoe Stacker That Will Level Up Your Close Space

If your closet has become a never-ending pile of this season’s shoes mixed with house slippers, you can tidy it up with these adjustable shoe stackers. Available in packs of 20, these magical little racks can hold all styles of shoes with their multi-height feature, nonslip design, and overall compact shape. One customer wrote, “We liked them so much I ordered a second box, and now I’m about to order a third!”


These Clear Pantry Organizers With Handles For Easy Access

Keep your fruits from rolling away into the abyss with these versatile pantry organizers, which feature built-in handles. With super sleek designs and strong bases, these clear, sturdy holders are perfect for freezer, countertop, and pantry storage. You can also use them to store cleaning supplies, especially since they conveniently come with eight bins per set.


A Handy Organizer To Hang Over Your Cabinet Doors

If your drawers are filled to the brim with baking sheets and cutting boards, this hanging cabinet door organizer is the answer. Mount it on the inside of your cabinet door or to the wall, and there you have it: the handiest holder for muffin tins, aluminum foil, and just about anything else that couldn’t fit in your kitchen drawers. Resourceful is the name of the game.


This Slim Storage Rolling Cart For Small Spaces

For tiny bathrooms with minimal built-in storage, this slim organizing cart will provide three tiers of space for all your go-to products. Complete with super smooth wheels and made of durable material for straight-to-the-point assembly, this cart is everything when you need to maximize narrow spaces. BTW, there are also storage hooks.


A Clear-View Turntable For Storing All The Snacks

A turntable for snacks? Is this real life? Say hello to this clear, nonslip snack organizer that spins like a traditional lazy Susan and even keeps your munchies divided into small bins with handles. This is ideal for coffee pods, granola bars, and those small snack packets that always seem to get lost to the back of the cabinet (you know the ones). Plus, no assembly required here.


A Slide-Out Storage Shelf To Keep Your Products In Perfect Place

It’s simple to tidy up underneath your sink with this two-tier slide-out organizer drawer. This marvel of a space saver works to avoid water pipes with adjustable directions for the slide rails. It’s also made out of durable metal that’s simple to install with hardware included.


A Stackable Organizer With Double Sliding Baskets

When do two-tier glide-out drawer organizers not make keeping your personal space clean so much easier? This stackable storage unit features two basket drawers with plastic plates at the base of each one so smaller products don’t fall through (a win for rollerball perfumes). You can also smoothly adjust the height for smaller cabinet spaces.


A Water-Repellent Travel Case To Keep Your Tech Accessories In Order

PSA: An all-in-one cable organizer for tangle-prone wires is about to make your workspace neat and Pinterest-worthy, once and for all. This slim nylon bag with multiple mesh pockets is available in black and heather grey, and it features five loops to secure loose cables. There are also larger loops to securely fit a wireless mouse (!) or your favorite pens. The cherry on top is its impressive water-repellent padding to help keep your most-used tech gadgets safe and protected.


A Sleek, Woodgrain Cable Box To Hide Those Pesky Wires

Hide your collection of wires in probably the most polished cable management box I’ve ever seen. Topped with a crisp woodgrain lid, this compact container houses power strips with a slim slot to thread your wires through while you power your devices. Put simply, it does a 10/10 job of hiding pesky cords while also being super functional.


A Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser To Make Your Routine Fun Again

Clean out your drawer full of crinkled-up toothpaste tubes and switch over to this mounted automatic toothpaste dispenser that makes brushing your teeth exciting and (partially) hands-free. Ideal for fast-paced mornings, this dispenser minimizes toothpaste waste by releasing regulated amounts each use. The adhesive on this sleek addition to your bathroom is also super durable and residue-free, so you won’t have to worry about slipping or wall damage.


The Guide To Getting Your Life Together Via Decluttering

Decluttering your life can sometimes take a kick of motivation, which is exactly what cleaning consultant Marie Kondo’s #1 New York Times Bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up does. Think of this book as a how-to guide on getting rid of items that don’t spark joy and keeping the ones that do, on top of the literal power that cleaning your space has to freshen your mindset. I’ll take several copies, thanks.


These Mini Glass Canisters To Make Your Bathroom A Place Of Luxury

Toss out those crumpled bags and give your cotton balls and flossers a makeover with these clear storage canisters. They also come with attachable labels for that extra boost of orderliness and can hold any and all small objects (like hair ties or even cotton swabs). The best part is the thick plastic they’re made of, so dropping and breaking is a total non-issue.


This Super Slim Storage Cabinet That’s Honestly Catalog-Worthy

Looking for an instant way to liven up your bathroom and provide easy access to toilet paper for you and your guests? This fancy little floor cabinet fits in most small spaces and opens up to store any bathroom necessities that would otherwise be stashed in a faraway closet. It’s also just really cute, waterproof, and comes in both black and white color options.


A Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser To Reduce Shower Clutter

Why stress about knocking over half-empty plastic containers of shampoo when you can have everything in one place with this shower dispenser? This handy invention rids your shower of collected bottles while also separating your products into their own chambers (shampoo, conditioner, body wash). Designed with waterproof adhesive, this dispenser mounts easily to the wall. Kind of life-changing, right?


This Adhesive Shower Caddy Basket That Doesn’t Rust

The universal woe of overcrowded shower products is no longer an issue now that this rust-proof adhesive caddy basket exists. It comes in a three-pack of two baskets and a soap dish (with hooks!) so you can store as many shower gels and shampoos as you’d like. The adhesive pods are also ultra-strong and will stick to tile, marble, and tempered glass. It’s safe to say this invention will seriously up your shower game.


This Multifunctional Spinning Makeup Organizer That’ll Clean Up Your Counter

Alas, a rotating makeup organizer to make your getting-ready routine the most seamless it’s ever been. Not only does this carousel caddy have seven adjustable trays and durable partitions to keep your foundations in place, but it can hold up to 30 makeup brushes, 20 skincare bottles, and extra makeup products in between. Uninstalling is also a breeze, so you can clean whenever your heart desires a fresh start.


A Hanging Shelf Organizer If You Really Need Extra Storage

For a one-stop shop that carries all the necessities you couldn’t fit in your closet, this hanging six-shelf organizer is a miracle worker. Complete with divided inserts for easy-to-misplace items like underwear and socks, this universal storage option can hold up to 30 pounds of clothing. It’s also made of ultra-strong, tear-proof woven fabric, so no need to worry about fraying. To top it off… side pockets!


This Lovely Tea Organizer That Holds Up To 120 Bags

Your tea-making routine should be peaceful, which this 120-bag holder can definitely help with. This slim caddy houses 12 clear bins to hold your tea bags, and they’re removable so you can wash them as you please. Say goodbye to the days of rustling through half-empty boxes of Earl Grey, because selecting your cuppa just got simpler.


A 2-Tier Lazy Susan — But Specifically For Spices

Get this: It’s a lazy Susan — but for spices. This spice spinner is peak organization with its dual-spin capability, four adjustable height settings for storing taller containers, and glorious space for up to 40 spices. You can store it in your pantry, fridge, or even bathroom if you’re looking for a cure to that overcrowded skincare drawer.


This Countertop Spice Rack So You Always Know Your Options

A countertop organizer that can house your go-to sauces, spices, paper towels, and measuring spoons has just arrived (and it’s here to stay). This three-tier rack is super sturdy and made of high-quality stainless steel so rust is a thing of the past. The center rack is even designed at an angle for taller bottles; what more could a kitchen tool connoisseur ask for?


These Mug Organizers That Create More Room In Your Cabinets

If you’ve got a cabinet full of mugs (piles and piles of them), then you might want to give these organizers a try. They’re essentially small, adjustable platforms that sit between two mugs as they’re stacked on top of one another, therefore saving space. They can also be used with cups and have a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

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